Roya Foods is dedicated to becoming the most recognized brand within the noodle category by providing the most comprehensive range of products in the marketplace.
By virtue of Roya Foods commitment to using only the best, most authentic ingredients in every noodle-inspired creation and by ensuring that every product is the healthiest that it can be… our mission will be accomplished.

About Roya Foods


Our Objective

Our objective is to become North America’s leading noodle manufacturer…
We will feature the most comprehensive range of noodle products under
one corporate umbrella; primarily focused on noodles.


Product Development

Authenticity and Quality are the primary focuses of Product Development.
Food selections have evolved considerably over the past decade and
consumers have become more aware and discerning. The focus of
Roya Foods Inc. will be to market products that will
be authentic.


North America

• Foam, Paper & Plastic Cup Noodles
• Traditional Pillow Pack Noodles
• Fresh & Frozen Noodles
• Stir Fry Kits
• Chow Mein Microwavable Noodle Trays

Our Team

Our dynamic team strives hard to meet the demands of our consumers. We a dedicated to quality assurance and being true to our brands. One thing you can be sure of we only put the best into our products.

Our lab

Our Lab prides itself on the originality and uniqueness of both its products and packaging. Our lab creations enhance our recipes as well as meals.  Each collection is uniquely prepared and packaged, to ensure only the highest quality product for our customers.